Tennessee's Music Travel AgenT

Tennessee is the birthplace of seven genres of music. But when most people think Tennessee all they think of is Country. So when British Airways launched their first non-stop flight from London to Nashville in the summer of 2018, we set out to prove to Londoners that Tennessee is more than cowboy boots and Honky Tonks (although it does have its fair share of both). Oh, and we did it all in just 8 weeks.



We started by taking over Waterloo Station, London's busiest train station with digital boards and an interactive installation that gave users a one-of-a-kind way to experience 16 of Tennessee's biggest tourist attractions spanning genres like Rock, Soul, R&B, Gospel, and of course Country. Headphones provided a unique audio experience for each location, including rare recordings, studio outtakes, and even ambient sounds of the Great Smoky Mountains. Each location also had it's own url with a 360 photo so people could fully immerse themselves in the destination.
Look around for yourself.



At the same time, we carpeted London with two different series of OOH posters solidifying Tennessee's deep connection to music.



We also partnered with Spotify to create a tool where by simply connecting their Spotify account, users were given a completely customized 3-day Tennessee vacation itinerary based entirely on their listening habits. Here’s my personal itinerary.